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Tiny quiz helps educators and learners to simplify their quiz & test creation process. Using AI, you can generate a quiz with a simple prompt or a piece of existing content.

AI Generated Quiz Screenshot
Automatic Results.
MakeQuiz automatically grades the quiz and shows results to the quiz taker.
Analytics / Responses.
Teachers get to view analytics, all responses, success rate and much more.
Turng prompt into a quiz.
Just tell us the topic and we will handle research, quiz creation and technicalities in seconds.
Turn existing content into a quiz.
Save hours and turn any content (text, .pdf, URL) into a quiz.
Trivia Questions.
Generate unique trivia quizzes in seconds. Any topic, your unique ideas.
Simple link to share.
Each quiz has a short link where anyone can take the quiz and see their results.

Keywords Quiz

Turn keywords or your existing content into quizzes effortlessly. Save hours of your time and teach effectively.